Contrasting one of a kind pieces

Whether it is a dioptase, an amethyst, a rock crystal, a tanzanite, a lapis-lazuli, a citrine, a malachite or an agate, every single mineral magnified by Marie- Alexandrine is totally unique. A real manifesto in times of standardization. Similarly, everything here clashes in a delightfully chaotic way. Her pieces are both rough and cut, precious and affordable, raw and smooth, strong and exquisite. Marie Alexandrine’s jewelry never ceases to surprise. All pieces are created either in gilded bronze or gilded silver. From the manifesto-cuffs to the oversize stones, which one cannot wear without feeling their lavish presence, to the rings juxtaposing so-called natural stones and diamonds or fine saphires. Designed as sculptures, the designer’s jewels are true works of art, cast and melted by the most talented artisans, all Paris-based: A quite ethical touch which will further seduce her already spellbound clientele. Marie-Alexandrine Yvernault’s designs can be seen and purchased online. They can also be tried on and «felt» (by appointment) at the former Atelier of sculptors Jan and Joel Martel – a Mallet- Stevens masterpiece -, which hosts the art gallery of antique dealer Eric Touchaleaume, in theloth arrondissement of Paris, and showcases Marie Alexandrine’s work. Each piece is signed with a lovely MAY, the acronym for her name. They definitely convey genuine emotion and cast a bewitching spell. « M.A.Y I seduce you? »