From stones to jewels

Marie-Alexandrine Yvernault’s fascination with stones is long-standing. She cherishes them as they are all one of a kind pieces which unmistakably reconnect her with the earth, just like with everything genuine. In this respect, one of her gallery’s exhibitions, on rue de Beaune, mixing design pieces and minerals (notably gorgeous malachite and pyrite coffee tables created by Ado Chale in the 70’s), has born witness to her love and knowledge of this field. The designer has long restlessly hunted for this both raw and fascinating material at the Hotel Drouot, at parisian lapidaries’ or at antique shows just about everywhere in the world. What appeals to her first? Their colours, their shapes, their qualities, as well as in any many cases, their perfect imperfections, which guide her hand when it is time to create unique pieces. She draws her inspiration from great names such as Jean Vendome, Lalaounis, Andrew Grima or Roland Schad, who were able to enhance genuine, odd materials while breaking the conventions and standards of their time. Marie- Alexandrine’s vestal cuffs or bib necklaces also bear witness to the true passion she has nurtured for the Antiquity. Contrary to current trends which advocate for low-key, minimalist styles, – to the point of not showing anything -, her pieces exude a lavish and timeless spirit. Such jewels definitely give you a good reason to be noticed.